Reinsurance capacity

Reinsurance capacityThe authorized capital Equivalent of 102.7 million euros

  1. In securities – 67 million euros
  2. Deposits – 10 million euros
  3. In property – 25.7 million euros


Reinsurance capacity

The fast-growing development of Al Mubadarah DMCC allows increasing significantly an annual reinsurance capacity and expanding the range of the services provided. Currently, the Company is able to take risks with responsibility up to 100 million euros.

Type of business Underwriting capacity,


Fire and related risks, including business interruption;

Building and construction risks, including mechanical breakdown and business interruption

150 million
Marine hull insurance and shipowner’s liability, including shipbuilding risks, cargo transportation risks 30 million
Liability risks 105 million
Accident risks 2 million
AUTO-CASCO risks 500 thousand
Other (agricultural, financial, aviation risks) 50 million

In order to improve business sustainability, Al Mubadarah DMCC gets retrocession protection. The participants of obligatory programs of Al Mubadarah DMCC are high-class international reinsurers with high international ratings. Leading international brokers are engaged into protection organization.

  1. Property Portfolio Protection Program

Limit – 20 million euros

Priority – 1 million. euros

Coverage territory – the whole world.

  1. Marine Portfolio Protection Program

Limit – 16 million euros

Priority – 1.5 million euros

Coverage territory – the whole world.

  1. Protection Program of Risk Liability Portfolio and Accidents

Limit of liability risks – 10 million euros

Priority – 0.3 million euros

Limit on accident risks – 2 million euros

Priority – 0.1 million euros

Coverage territory – the whole world